Thinnest Pad Ever. Bundlebliss® Disposable Ultra Thin Nursing Breast Pads. 60 Highly Absorbent Breastfeeding Milk Pads


  • Thinnest Pad In The Market, Bundlebliss™ Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads Is Only 1mm Thin. You Would Not Know It’s There.


  • With The New Improved Polymer From Japan, It Can Absorb More Than 120ml Of Leaks. For Day And Night Use.


  • Honeycomb Quilted Pads Wicks The Moisture Instantaneously Away From The Skin Keeping All Mummies Dry And Comfortable All Day.


  • Using Fluff Pulp From The United States, Bundlebliss™ Is Ultra Soft And Silky Smooth. Perfect For The Sensitive Ones


  • Produced By A FDA Registered Manufacturer. So You Can Be Assured That The Pads Are Manufactured With The Highest Quality.


Product Description

Thinnest Pad at 1mm.

Bundlebliss® Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads comprises all the features of what mums want from an ideal nursing pad:

A) It is ultra thin at 1mm,

B) Its absorbent capability is unparalleled.

C) Stays dry after absorption

D) Super soft and smooth to the touch.

Super Absorbent Polymer from Japan

Designed to be the thinnest pad in the market so that it feels almost weightless, you may not even notice it is there.

All thanks to the newly improved super absorbent polymer from Japan which can readily absorb more than 120ml of leaks.

Keep Mummies Dry and Comfortable All Day

Honeycomb quilted pads wicks the moisture instantaneously away from the skin keeping all mummies dry and comfortable all day.

Using high quality fluff pulp from Golden Isles, United States, Bundlebliss™ Ultra Thin Nursing Pads are extremely soft and smooth.

Contoured to Fit The Shape Of The Breast

Laminated Waterproof lining to lock in the leaks and keeps the bra or clothing dry.

2 adhesive strip tapes to secure the pad in place.

FDA registered manufacturer


Observe proper hygiene and change pad frequently

Keep pad packaging away from children

Stop using when irritation occurs. If condition persists, seek medical assistance.

If you want to:

Stop using thick uncomfy pads,

Stop using damp pads

Stop getting your clothes wet from pads

And if you want to get a high quality pad that is made by FDA registered manufacturer,

Click “ADD TO CART” and get yours now.

Additional information

Weight 7.8 kg
Dimensions 5.5 x 5.3 x 3.9 cm


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