Bundlebliss® 720P HD 5″ Baby Monitor With PTZ Video Camera.

$169.90 $149.90

  • Superior Image Quality – Boosting a 720P video on a big 5″ HD monitor, image quality is much clearer than 480 VGA display.


  • Crystal Clear 2-Way Communication – High-quality built-in microphone and speaker let you hear clearly every sound your baby makes and speak to your baby.


  • Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom Your Camera – To pan, tilt and zoom your camera, is just a click of a button on the video monitor. The camera rotates 355° horizontally and 140° vertically, each parent unit is able to pair up to 4 cameras giving ample coverage for multiple rooms and blind spots.


  • Great Transmission Distance – Up to 500 feet in inhabited areas, 700-900 feet in open areas.


  • Privacy Guaranteed – Video and audio is transmitted via a secure 2.4GHz channel with FHSS technology. This prevents data leakage over the internet.


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Product Description

See how our Bundlebliss Baby Monitor compares with other baby monitor.

Super easy and fast pairing of camera to the viewing monitor!

Ultra crisp video image quality! Swift, silent and smooth camera movement!

Great Transmission range!

Swift Toggling between cameras!


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