Nursing Pads Are Must-haves for Breastfeeding Mums!

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Bundlebliss nursing pads will make your life as a breastfeeding mum easier, thanks to their highly absorbent yet ultra-thin design. Check them out and see for yourself!

Breastfeeding mums everywhere know the embarrassment that comes from getting breast milk stains on their clothes, especially in public places! Even thick nursing bras aren’t enough to prevent leaks resulting from unexpressed or excess breast milk while using small cloth diapers over the breasts doesn’t solve the problem either.

Fortunately, there are nursing pads that are super absorbent, leak proof, and super comfortable to use – and we have information about the best of them, too!

Choosing the Right Breastfeeding Pads

Keep in mind that maternity breast pads are primarily designed to soak up breast milk in case of leakage. These form a barrier between your clothes and your breasts, thus, preventing the appearance of embarrassing wet spots.

Milk pads can also decrease the soreness of your nipples caused by your baby’s prolonged breastfeeding sessions.  These products are usually made of soft and smooth materials so their surfaces don’t rub against your sensitive skin.

We must emphasize that lactation pads aren’t designed to restore your breasts’ perky appearance, reduce stretch marks around them, and restore your skin’s elasticity.  These should be seen for what they are – to keep breastfeeding mums dry and comfortable around the breast area, even with leakages.

With this in mind, we highly recommend the following steps in choosing the best nursing pads.

  • Check the material

The breastfeeding pads should be made of a soft and smooth material so that these don’t rub against your sensitive nipple area. We don’t recommend pads made of plastic since these can irritate the skin due to their hard material and to the absence of air flow to the skin.

Be sure to choose the most absorbent pads because it’s obviously the most important aspect. We suggest choosing fabric breast pads because of their better absorbent quality than plastic; the latter also retains more moisture so there’s a higher risk of bacteria growth and nipple soreness.

The breast pads should also be as thin as possible – so these are super comfortable to use – yet still be super absorbent. The thinner the pads, the better these can remain discreet under your bra; you can then wear your regular clothes.

The material should also be hypoallergenic. We have heard of mums who complained about allergic reactions, such as itchiness and redness in the skin, to the materials of their breast pads so be careful in this regard.

  • Check for ease of use

The nursing pads should also be easy to place on and remove from your bra. The best nursing pads have adhesive backings that make them convenient to stick to the fabric of your regular or nursing bra.

These should also have a concave design so that their shape generally conforms to the pointed shape of your nipple area. We also suggest looking for anti-leak guards around the pads.

Of course, we highly recommend breastfeeding pads made by manufacturers with the appropriate registration from regulatory agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Using Breastfeeding Pads Right

 In many ways, lactation pads have a similar design as sanitary pads so their application on the breast area follow similar steps, too.

  • Wipe the skin on your breasts, if desired. If you have sensitive skin or sore nipples, you may apply baby-safe lanolin cream over it.
  • Remove the adhesive tabs from the pads.
  • Position the pads over your nipples; reposition, if necessary.
  • Wear your nursing or regular bra when the pads have been placed well. The adhesive backing will stick to your bra; this is similar to using a sanitary pad over your panties.

If the pads slide around underneath your bra, you can always reposition them discreetly. You should also dispose pads that have reached their maximum absorbency limit and replace them, if necessary.


We Have the Best Nursing Pads


We actually tested a dozen or so breastfeeding pads and we discovered that Bundlebliss is the best – and it’s a favorite among mummies, too! Based on dozens of reviews, it’s also the Amazon’s Choice on the site for thin nursing pads, definitely one of the bestsellers!

  • Ultra thin

At just 1 millimeter across, each Bundlebliss pad is truly the thinnest of its kind in the market. You don’t have to worry about the pads showing through your bra and clothes, as well as giving your chest an unnatural appearance.

You can even wear them under your thin regular bra and shirt without anybody being the wiser.

  • Highly absorbent

Bundlebliss pads are made with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) from Japan. Also called slush powder, these are water-absorbing polymers that can absorb and retain a significantly large volume of a liquid, such as breast milk, in relation to their own mass.

Each Bundlebliss breastfeeding pad can hold up to 120 millimeter or 4 ounces of liquid. We actually tested them by slowly pouring 4 ounces of water from a feeding bottle into a Bundlebliss pad. Watch Bundlebliss Extreme Challenge!


The result: The pad, indeed, absorbed all the water! While the pad obviously swelled in size from the water introduction, its surface remained surprisingly dry to the touch, even when we pressed our fingers into it.

This means that even heavy leakers/letdowns will enjoy a dry and comfortable feeling even when the pads become soaked to the limit.  You can wear a pair of the disposable nursing breast pads the entire day, too, so you can save on their costs.

The SAP instantly wicks away the moisture from the skin so you will feel dry and comfortable all the time. This is partly due to the SAP material and partly due to the honeycomb quilted design of the surface.

Since each pad stays dry, you can also rest assured that it’s as hygienic as can be. You don’t have to worry about the growth of bacteria and fungi, which thrive in humid environments, on your skin.


Your baby can then immediately and safely suckle from your breast even when you didn’t have the time or the wipes to clean your breast first. You will appreciate the convenience especially when you and your baby have been separated for several hours due to work or other reasons.

You can use the Bundlebliss pads day and night, too.

  • Quality materials from Japan and Golden Isle, United States

The two main materials used in the Bundlebliss pads are the Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) from Japan and the sift fluff pulp from Golden Isle in the United States. Both are high-quality materials chosen for their high absorbency rate, soft and smooth feel, and hypoallergenic property.

  • Silky smooth and soft

Many breastfeeding pads in the market have a slightly rough feel to them. But not the Bundlebliss pads!

You can actually feel the silky smoothness and softness of the pads with your fingers, whether these are newly opened from their individual packets or already filled with liquid. You will love that your sore nipples don’t have to chafe against the material, too.

  • Leak-proof

The Bundlebliss nursing pads are leak proof in two ways. First, its SAP material keeps in breast milk leaks and, second, its leak guards keep in the liquid.

  • Contour shaped

Many competing breast pads are relatively flat. Not so for the Bundlebliss pads because these are slightly concave so these can fit well around the nipple area, regardless of the size of your breasts.


  • Adhesive tape

The adhesive tape easily and effectively sticks to the fabric of bras, whether cotton or nylon. You have the assurance that even with physical activity, the pads will likely stay in place.

  • Produced by FDA registered manufacturer.

Bundlebliss pads are manufactured by a company registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), too. You can rely on it to deliver on safe and effective nursing pads that meets the highest standards.



After dozens of testing and based on consumer feedback, we are truly confident in saying that the Bundlebliss pads are the best in the market – and no other pads will likely bump it off the top!

These are the thinnest pads at just 1 millimeter yet these are also the most absorbent with its more than 120 ml capacity! You will feel dry and comfortable at all times, whether you’re a heavy or a moderate leaker.

You will love these pads, too, because of their convenience. Each pad is packed in its own individual packet so you can bring as little or as many as you like without them taking up too much space in your bag.


Buy the Bundlebliss nursing pads now and see for yourself! We assure you that these will be among the best maternity purchases you will make.


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